15. QUICK BREAK DANCE this book has 160 pages, in the first half of which every aspect on break dance are introduced by photos and characters in concise way, in the latter half of which ten kind of disco and five kind of free-style disco are presented, lots of photo illustrating every action and every pace.

 16.FIFTY DISCO EXAMPLES  contains common sense of disco and disco step two sections. Step section introduces fifty pas examples with short explanation and illustration to each example.

 17. SHAOLIN TEMPLE SECTET RECIPE consists of 1753 recipes that developed and collected by monks in past dynasties. It had been primarily preserved in Sermon Hall before the Temple was ashed by warlord Shi Youshan. Luckily some six hundred pieces had been selected to copy by monk Yongxiang in 1927 that he donated when he went back.

 18. PRACTICAL QIGONG  the book tells fundamental knowledge on qigong therapeutics. From the first to the forth chapters it gives the basic requirements and main exercise points, also introduces some theories to explain how qigong treat diseases; In the fifth the book presents the treatments to body and mind; the sixth concerns how to choose qigong according to illness state, and gives explanations according traditional Chinese medicine science. The book is simple with insets suitable for the beginners.

 19. SHAOLIN MEIHUA BOXING PAO BOXING AND LOTUS BOXING the book presents ten species of shaolin kung fu with detailed explanations, 110 pages and 336 insets totally, suitable for the beginners. 

 20. SHAOLIN LITTLE HONG BOXING AND HEIHU BOXING the book gives some basic series of skills and trick especially Little Hong Boxing which is thought as the rudimental skill. Others are fundamental action series. It has 67 pages including 200 insets.

21. SHAOLIN HUXIN BOXING the boxing looks energetic, simple, flexible, diverse, unique and practical, so it is mysterious and hardly taught to non relative.  

22. SHAOLIN NINE-KNOT STICK  written by De Qian, 31 thousand characters and 70 insets. The book give a full introduction to shaolin stick skill and some training methods of shaolin boxing assisted with pictures.
23. SHAOLIN RELAXATION METHOD DRAWINGS  the drawings are 60cm wide, 80cm long. It may be hanged on the wall, very convenient to use. Relaxation Method is developed by a lot of monks for eliminating tiredness. To exercise makes one energetic, clears channels in one’s body, improves organs’function and promotes metabolism. Thus, doing it for a long time one can keep healthy and live longer.

24. SHAOLIN BOY GONG DRAWINGS  they are 60cm wide,80cm long. Boy Gong is a special kind of gong for shaolin Temple boy monks, which is also one of three advanced Kung fu. Its character is flexibility, promptitute, concinnity. After long-term training, one could jump higher, stand upside down on his fingers, run faster; also it is good for one’s brain and health.

25. SHAOLIN WUSHU SUMMARY  it is also called Collection of Shaolin Boxing Charts. As abstraction of Shaolin Wushu, there have 40 series of excellent boxings and weapon skills in the book, which is the necessity for Wushu learners.

26. HOW TO HIT AND RELIEVE ACUPOINTS  hitting and relieving are unitive positive and negtive two aspects. To have knowledge of the reason that hitting some acupoints within human bodies would cause injury even death, physiology must be learned carefully. The book gives a thorough introduction to collateral channels, acupoints and physiology, and the relation between twelve times and the channels, acupoints. In addition, the book presents various symptoms and one-by-one solutions while acupoint-hitting occur.

27. SECRET SKILLS OF LIGHT GONG AND HARD QIGONG  written by Tan Binli, 257.6 thousand characters. The book introduces many light gong and hard qigong techniques, they are cutting stone with hand, breaking brick with palm, striking head with big hammer, knife cutting chest, sword stabbing throat, standing on a match box or eggs, balloons etc. over 200 pictures showed.

28. POPULAR SOCIAL DANCES IN 90’edited by dance specialists .the book mainly teaches basic knowledge of modern double dances, consisting of 10 common dances along with bruce, waltz, jig, rumba, tango, goteba, four-step and so on. With substantial content, lots of pictures, fits for beginners as well as dance fans. The book has 156 thousand characters, 32 pieces of color pictures and 300 pieces of inserts.

29. SOCIAL DANCE SPEED-UP written by Wen Chuan and Liu Meiyu. The book pays much attention on such dances played in ballrooms, parks, streets. Associating with requirements for international and  domestic double dance, they completed bruce, waltz, tango, rumba and disco basic steps, social dance figure steps. In order to facilitate learners, each dance goes with explanation, gait and posture images. It not only suitable for beginners, but for dance fans to promote. The book has 184 thousand characters and about 500 images. it may be the most minute textbook on social dances.




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