1.SHAOLIN WUSHU FULL EDITION written by Deqian, including 32 million Chinese characters, 14 thousand extractive iconographes. It has over 2200 pages totally on sixteen format paper. The book is divided into two volumes. The first one has five chapters which are Basic Shaolin boxing, Collection of Selected Shaolin Boxing Drawings, General Glossary, Rules For Wushu Game, 112 Sets of Excellent Serial Skills respectively, with detailed explanation and graphical expression to each act. The second volume consists of fourteen chapters from the sixth to the nineteenth, they are Shaolin Qigong, Shaolin Arena Skills, Shaolin Acupoint Hitting Methods, Seventy-Two Skills in Shaolin, Shaolin Capture Methods, Shaolin Macrobiotics, Secret Recipes In Shaolin, Shaolin Spear Skills including nine series of skills, Shaolin Stick Skills including twelve series of skills, Shaolin Sword Skills including nine series of skills, Shaolin Falchion Skills including eleven series of skills, Shaolin Nine-node-stick including four series of skills, Shaolin Rare Weapons 47 series of skills, Shaolin Weapon Skills 47 series of skills. They are all good reference books for coaches and Wushu lovers.

 2. GENUINE SHAOLIN STUNTS written by Deqian, 700 thousand characters, more than a thousand insets. The book introduces a few hundreds special skills, including capture, hitting-acupoint, disturbing joints, light Qigong, hard Qigong, seventy-two genuine skills and five hundred secret recipes on wound treatment.

 3. GENUINE SHAOLIN QIGONG written by Deqian,76 thousand characters, 150 insets. This book summarizes the origin, feature, content and basic exercising principle of shaolin qigong, clearly treats of the detailed training methods and precautions of internal qigong, external qigong, suppleness skill, qinggong, hard qigong; and also offers the measures to right the unexpected result, to treat by qigong, to improve the health etc.

 4. SHAOLIN SHORT SWORD written by Liu Zhenhai, 15.6 thousand characters and a hundred-fifty insets. The book was edited according to two serials of wushu skills taught by deceased military monk master Shi Degen, in which some practical attacking and defending acts are recommended like pushing, pricking, pointing, sweeping, pulling, pressing, cleaving, blocking, separating, and so on.

5. SHAOLIN FATAL LEG SKILLS written by Wang Xinde, 176 thousand characters and more than 300 drawings. Fatal leg skills are genuine content of Shaolin kung fu, which function in fighting, physical practicing. The book gives a full introduction to sixty-six leg skills.

6. SHAOLIN ACUPOINT-HITTING AND CAPPTURING 72 METHODS written by Liu Yuzheng, 179 thousand characters and over 200 insets. Acupoint-hitting is by way of stabbing man’s acupoints and body channels; capturing by locking others’joints and vital parts to control opponent. The book introduces how to fight opponent with head, elbow, hand, crotch, knee, foot etc, to attack acupoints, face, private part, waist by wresting, impact, rolling, leaping, dodging and so on. Using elbow or knee near, Using hand or foot far accordingly.

7. SHAOLIN ACUPOINT-HITTING METHODS & MAPS written by Deqian, 113 thousand characters, 60 pieces of hitting illustrations and acupoint maps. The book gives a detailed introduction to the three level skills of acupoint-hitting, eleven hitting methods, twenty-five skills, 250 usual acupoints’location and hitting methods, 36 deathful hitting methods and secrets, with easy understanding drawings. In the book, some 335 recipes are offered as reference which regard acupoint-hitting as treating way.

8. 300 DEFENDING SKILLS written by Du Zhen’gao, 300 thousand characters and 1240 insets. It collects many wonderful methods and skills for improving health and protecting oneself, and the latter is put in a prominent place. However, the book brings forward some ways to strengthen body. considering the requirement of self-protection and easy learning for the readers, a few chapters are scientifically designed, in which there are over 300 defending and exercising skills with detailed explanation. It consists of plenty of pictures and concise explanation, suitable for the readers to take as reference.  

9. NATIONAL WUSHU TEACHING MATERIAL is edited in accordance with the general teaching outline and long-term training experience, following the rules and features of wushu training, abiding by the principle of science, system, practicability, and referring to other teaching materials and documents. The first volume discusses wushu theory; the second teaches skills. The book has 7200 pages including 2700 insets.

10. PRACTICAL WRESTLE SKILLS FOR SERVICEMEN AND POLICE written by Wang Weidong, 280 thousand characters and over 700 iconographes. The book is made up of two volumes, the first one deals with the basic skills, which introduce body’s fatal parts and wrestle’s essential points, various attack and capture methods, concerning attacking with upper limbs, ten methods with fists, eight methods with elbow are recommended; attacking with lower limbs, twenty skills with leg, four with knee; in the chapters on wrestle, 36 attacking methods and 10 defending methods are presented; in capture, 40 methods are told. The second volume involves defending, attacking and tactics while fighting, which include 32 defending skills, 70 attacking skills, 20 close fighting skills, 26 fight skills lying on the ground, 53 escape skills, 27 disarm skills, 8 spear skills and 238 counterattack skills. Moreover, some practical experiences under certain conditions are given, as well as some exercise methods on basic skill.

11. FREE FIGHT SKILLS written by Dong Qinghui, 250 thousand characters and 630 iconographes. The book mainly introduces skills about kicking, blowing, wrestling, defending, unique and practical, and tactics in different situation. In wushu section it presents what to do to take advantage of distance, time difference, angle, as well as the specific tactics while fighting with different rivals. This book has been published the third time since 1987 and welcomed in wushu circles. 

12. SHAOLIN SELFGUARD SKILLS written by Ma Qinghai, 100 thousand characters and over 400 insets. Self-guard skill is the abstraction of Shaolin boxing, characterized defending and attacking methods. The acts of upper limbs include hug, cleave, cut, wrestle, capture, impact, lean, and the like; that of lower limbs, there are spring, sweep, stumble, kick, jump, suspend, squad etc.

13. SHAOLIN INTERNAL QIGONG-ONE-FIGER GONG written by Wang Rui and Que Qiaogen, 170 thousand characters and 150 iconographes. The book systematically introduces One-finger Gong’s functions, namely health care, cultivating oneself, rapidly releasing external qi and guide finging. The Gong is easy to learn and is favored by qi gong fun.

14. SECRET OF SCIENTIFICLLY HEITHTEN YOUR STATURE is edited by a Japanese doctor. It aims to increase and rectify juvenile stature, which has been released in the International Health Care Conference hold in Lisbon of Portugal, and recognized as the unparalleled method to heighten a human body throughout the world. The phenomenon that Japanese have been getting taller widely in recent years is the very fruit of adopting his method. His invent is by adopting a scientific exercise method to stimulate muscles and bones to grow fast, at the same time, to adjust nerve, hormone and other physiologic function to the best state, so to reach fast-grow. This way is easy and effective for 8-25 years younger, only need eight minute exercise in the morning, one month later getting the result, no side effect. Furthermore, for which over 25, it also effective. However, it may rectify short leg, bend rachis, flatfoot, X-type leg and the like physical defect.



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